Acclaimed Hoops | Sterling Silver

Acclaimed Hoops | Sterling Silver

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Classic sterling silver hoops with 2mm square wire and stud closure.

Lightweight enough for everyday wear while still having a chunky look. 

Comes in three different sizes making them perfect for pairing together. 

- .925 Sterling Silver

- Small (11mm diameter), Medium (18mm), Large (33mm)

- Sterling Silver high friction ear nut


I consider hoops to be one of the most effortless ways to elevate your look and demeanor. They are truly a wardrobe staple and can give you the confidence necessary to step out the door and face the world. We named these the Acclaimed hoops because just as they have been a highly revered earring style for years, it is our intention that they remind you that you are noteworthy and remarkable, as you are at this moment and always. You are reason to acclaim; to applaud, to celebrate, to stand and cheer. 

This modernized, sleek hoop is an ode to your present and your future. It's new, refreshing, a little avant-garde, and all the more exciting and  transformative.


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