Adopter Hoops | Sterling Silver

Adopter Hoops | Sterling Silver

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Classic sterling silver hoops with 2mm round wire and stud closure.

Lightweight enough for everyday wear while still giving you a bold look. 

Comes in three different sizes making them perfect for pairing together. 

- .925 Sterling Silver

- 2mm round thickness

- Small (11mm diameter), Medium (18mm), Large (33mm)

- USA sourced, made in Bellingham, WA


The Adopter hoops are inspired by a more vintage style of hoop. The kind of hoop you find in your grandmother's jewelry box and automatically fall in love with because of who adopted them and took them in for so many years. All while secretly hoping that someday you'll get the chance to adopt them as well and celebrate their loveliness. 

We are all adopters; it is a spirit you’ll see in everyone. It is the desire to gracefully embrace an entity so that we may get to nourish it, see it flourish, and celebrate it. It is an extremely precious and beautiful quality. We designed these hoops wit the hope that you will be reminded of those who have taken you in, and feel encouraged to embrace those who you encounter and grow with. 

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