Jarod & Hayley: Co-Founders and Designers Photography by  Cody Stacy

Jarod & Hayley: Co-Founders and Designers
Photography by Cody Stacy

Apse (All People's Shackles Exchanged) was birthed from the belief that adornment has a subtle yet powerful way of amplifying one's identity, and that a simple act can bring real freedom.  

After falling for each other in art school, Jarod and Hayley married in the summer of 2015, and in a collision of love and creativity they launched Apse the following winter.

During an unexpected and rapid bout of anxiety shortly after their marriage, Hayley, terrified of this new-found intimacy, found herself overcoming her fear and doubt the moment she chose to acknowledge who she was; full of vision to be realized, justly tender, and never second best. Moreover, her anxiety became infinitely weaker in the moments she spoke over Jarod his truest qualities; compassionate at the core of every effort, sensitively practical, and always in pursuit of victory. Nothing was more inspiring to her than this simple phenomenon, where freedom was just around the corner of adorning herself and her husband in identity. 

This is the foundation upon which apse has been built.

At the core, we are handcrafting poetic emblems of victory, meaning every one of our pieces has been designed with a message of identity for you to be reminded of. It is our hope that when you wear one of our pieces, the same wonderful occurrence can take place for you, where your shackles would be exchanged for adornment, and more so, that the lies you hear would be silenced by the celebratory sounds of truth surrounding you. 

Our passion to exchange shackles for adornment doesn't stop just at making JEWELRY.

We have partnered with 3 pivotal non-profit organizations working to break shackles and bring freedom to those who are caught in the cycle of sexual abuse. With every purchase, we donate 10% to the organization of your choice, and your dollar is put to work educating teens, freeing and advocating for survivors, and restoring intimacy. 

For more info on each non-profit visit our causes page.



When we have the pleasure of handcrafting a piece for you, we are initiating a little exchange. By giving you a piece of wearable poetic truth, we are taking the shackles that lies can often put us in. Every single piece is artfully and diversely designed with a story in mind to encourage you to embrace all the qualities that make you you, and to take your next steps in freedom and victory. Our products can be shopped according their design just as easily as they can be shopped according to their meaning. Visit any of our product listings to read its unique story.


We handcraft every one of our products, from beginning to end, in our humble Bellingham studio. We are committed to sourcing materials that are ethically and sustainably manufactured. All of our materials are sourced entirely from within the USA. Our employees are paid above living wages and are so much more than just employees. For more on how we approach ethical production, visit our journal “What Ethically Made Means To Us.” 

We are dedicated to ensuring our products give life, not take.

For information on how to take good care of our pieces, visit our FAQ.





Co-Founder & Creative Director / Lead Production / Marketing

Hayley is the great idea machine of Apse. Her intuitive eye for art/design and her heart for fearlessness are a winning combination. Consistently pursuing what is loving over what is easy, Hayley is a true heroine. 

Likes: 1 on 1 conversations, early morning outdoor activities & fruit

Dislikes: goat cheese, daylight savings & clowns

Name Meaning: "Majestic Hero"



Co-Founder & Creative Director / Shipping / Books

Jarod's history in sculpture and cabinetry have given Apse a woodworking touch. Known for never leaving a stone unturned and his consistent love of sound making, he forever makes the studio a lively place to be and work.

Likes: playing music, a good beer & soccer

Dislikes: multi-tasking, being tickled & sarcasm 

Name Meaning: "Rose Warrior"


Jocelyn Lee Cremer

Production / Writer & Copy Editor

Jocelyn's combination of intellect and sociability makes for awesome conversation and joyful times in the shop. Her willingness to serve wherever needed and incredible skills as a writer have made Jocelyn a strong pillar to the team. 

Likes: crossword puzzles, Halloween & Animal Crossing.

Dislikes: sudoku, milk & creepy dudes. 

Name Meaning: "Joyful Dweller by the Wood"