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Apse is now supporting HeForShe - a global solidarity movement, propelling men, as well as women, to become active participants in the discussion about gender equality. A branch of UN Women, the UN organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women, HeForShe provides an approach and platform on which men and boys can engage and become change agents within issues related to equality.

HeForShe acknowledges the countless way that men and women alike benefit when all people are given the same value. They are bringing all people into this discussion, that has previously been considered a "women's issue," and declaring it a "human rights issue." Using social media as a relevant and effective platform for discussion and education, HeForShe equips the public with information about how we all can (globally and culturally) experience greater equality and unity. They provide countless ways you can get involved in a number of fields the globe is seeing the greatest disunity; they inspire people to take action in fields like identity (what we identify with and why), education, healthcare, violence, work and politics. We stand with HeForShe in advocating that when women are empowered and embrace their authority, and when men fearlessly take part in uplifting women and men alike, we will see some of the greatest social issues reconciled. 

HeForShe is aiming to mobilize 1 billion men to accelerate the achievement of gender equality. Through their social media presence, and growing hashtag #HeForShe, they are inviting men to share their stories to encourage others to follow suit and experience similar greatness. They spread this conversation far and wide, engaging key governmental decision makers in governments, corporations and universities with their IMPACT 10x10x10 framework. HeForShe is using discussion and education as a platform to implement real, status quo changing, actions. 

Money donated to HeForShe is used to propel this conversation and activate the public, but also provide life-training skills, shelter and fund farms to women who are working to make an impact and see women treated as equals. 

We believe this organization is not only relevant, active and effective, but perpetuating a message of unity and empowerment for both men and women. We love that they are so involved in several sectors of society and are making gender equality a reality for millions. 

So as we say hello to HeForShe, we are sad to say, we are saying goodbye to A Call For Men. We still adore what ACTM is doing and has done, however, we love being involved in what the organizations we support are doing. The extent to which HeForShe is involved in current events and has a consistent voice in the culture is super exciting, and we know they are going to continue growing and impacting our lives and wellness. 

Please, check out HeForShe on their website and follow them on Instagram to learn more! Below, Emma Watson, a HeForShe ambassador, shares the extremely authentic mission of HeForShe, and reasons why they are doing what they are. 

We can't wait to see our world become one driven by love, unity and great, deep value of one another! And are so excited to get to donate to this powerful cause.

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