The Apse that Follows Everyone

An apse is something every person carries with them. It is an architectural signifier for worthiness, beauty, and authority. A vital part of Roman cathedral architecture, this ornate central alcove embraces the most revered members - the clergy and those who approach the altar. Its a call to attention, to action and to impact. Each of us wears an apse everywhere we go, we are born with it and have a right to it. And thanks to our experience and relationships, they are always expanding and reconstructing themselves. I am not just making items to adorn and equip, I am making relics to empower and enthrone. 

Each design has been influenced by and made directly from discarded jewelry and accessories. I repurpose multiple people's undesired items to create new, contemporary designs, maintaining each component as valuable.

The piece is a product of our authority; an apse - it is supported by others, reminds us of our worth, and protects our potential.

Much like how an apse is the central connector of the rest of the cathedral, these pieces of adornment are connected to a much greater community. When you purchase an APSE design, you are giving to some of the greatest non-profits working to provide dignity to women and children across the globe who are effected by human sex-trafficking and empower them to live in greatness and love. Under the cause page you will find four awesome organizations who are working to end the cycle, educate the public, develop gender unity on the issue and bring love to the social places where women are seen as less than they truly are. 

Our mission is to provide financial support to the teams who are bringing love, healing and empowerment around the world by adorning and equipping you with goods that reminds you and your community that all of you are always seated in a divine home.

Hayley BoydComment