The A21 Campaign

"The A21 Campaign is a global anti-human trafficking organization dedicated to eradicating modern-day slavery in the 21st century. With 11 offices in ten countries around the world, A21 works tirelessly to rescue, restore, and rebuild the lives of human trafficking victims. Human life is invaluable, and A21 will not stop until the 27 million men, women, and children trapped in slavery are set free."


A21 - founded by the dynamite duo, Christine and Nick Caine - boldly proclaims their mission and belief for the current state of slavery wherever their name is mentioned; A21: abolishing human trafficking in the 21 century. Being fully aware that slavery is currently at an all time high for the world, they have developed campaigns in 11 major cities around the world, with 6 campaigns in Eastern Europe, as well as facilities in Bangkok, London, California, South Carolina and South Africa. Not only do they refuse to limit freedom to one area of the world, but they refuse to stop fighting for freedom until every slave is set free! Come on!! We love them because they are believing we will see an end to human trafficking in our lifetime!!


A21’s strategy to abolish the $150 billion criminal industry is 4-part:

Prevention   ||   Protection   ||   Partnership   ||   Prosecution


They prevent trafficking by using their curriculum, Bodies are Not Commodities, built to educate children in schools and orphanages, and students in university, equipping them with information and strategies to identify and address slavery, stand against industries that directly support commodifying human life, as well as avoid becoming victims themselves. 

They also have huge annual event called, #WalkForFreedom. This last year they did 200 walks in 28 countries around the globe with over 12,000 participants! 76,000 educational fliers were distributed and over 45 million people were reached over social media! Super cool! 

In terms of protection, they work closely with government agencies and law enforcement across the globe, providing data and support to rescue people out of human trafficking. Once rescued, survivors are given the opportunity to live in one of their numerous aftercare facilities where they provide emotional, mental and physical healing to survivors through their restoration programs, as well as educational and vocational training.



A major area of the issue, that many non-profits may not have the opportunity to slip their strength into is prosecution. This is a vital aspect to the end of human trafficking, however, happens all to little. 1 in every 100,000 European traffickers are ever prosecuted, and this statistic is not much different in other areas of the globe, even in America. Apse strongly believes that the end of human trafficking, especially sex trafficking, will come when the demand ends. Along with prevention (education and healing brokenness at its root), prosecution is crucial to increasing the responsibility to love, as well to help assist survivors and current victims to be freed. 

Last, A21 focuses their energy to establish beneficial partnerships with "local law enforcement, service providers and community members" to ensure the intricate needs of each survivor are met. They put unity among fellow abolitionists as a priority, and Apse does too! We are so much stronger together than we would ever be on our own, and the only way that the globe could truly be free, is through a united force of fighters and lovers


A21 has a remarkable design and media team. They have a lovely bank of informative and heart-shaking media, several of them being video testimonies.

This particular testimony, Nicole, a sex trafficking survivor protected and rescued by A21, shares her story of what is was like. She truly puts the issue in perspective for us. Praise God for this beautiful human! 

When you make a purchase from Apse, the A21 Campaign is just one of three powerhouses that you can support. 10% of all our profits goes to non-profits that are fighting for love and unity across the globe, and freeing people into the person they truly are!

To check out more about their heart for abolishing slavery and join us all in the movement visit their website at:

So much love, 

Hayley + Jarod


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