Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services of Whatcom County (DVSAS) supports individuals affected by domestic violence, sexual assault and commercial sexual exploitation and lead the community towards ending these abuses of power. Through individual and group advocacy counseling, legal assistance, and community trainings, DVSAS provides support, education, and healing to thousands of people each year.  On a broader scale, DVSAS builds partnerships with law enforcement, social services providers, and policymakers to improve the community response to domestic violence and sexual assault.  DVSAS is the only program of its kind in Whatcom County and has over 35 years of experience in delivering compassionate and confidential help. Support from volunteers, donors, and partners allows DVSAS to provide these critical programs and services to those who need them most, free of charge.


A powerful and pivotal organization shining light on the harmful affects of pornography, Fight The New Drug. When Jarod and I first received a word that we were gonna see the end of the sex trade, it was in the midst of coming together and being reminded of the deceitful affects of porn. We found this organization and were immediately encouraged. This group is addressing and dissecting ideas that are directly apart of the global issue of sex trafficking, destroy relationships and families and is ultimately working against love and unity. They are boldly calling out a facet of the problem many people overlook. But we stand with them in calling it into the light! 


The A21 campaign is a global warrior for freedom for those not just sexually exploited, but enslaved for their labor as well. We stand with them in their belief that we will see the fall of this 150 billion dollar industry (sex trafficking being responsible 98 billion of those dollars) in our lifetime and see 28 million men, women and children set free. A21's strategy to abolish slavery takes shape in 4 facets; prevention, protection, prosecution and partnership and put these values into action with their 11 offices in 10 countries across the globe. These guys "work tirelessly to rescue, restore and rebuild the lives of human trafficking victims" and with your purchase you could help fund their restoration facilities, rehabilitate survivors, prosecute traffickers and raise awareness around the world about human trafficking.